About Us

Our love of the UK and a traditional family life with a house, two cars, two children and a dog still left us questioning what was missing! So, somewhat surprisingly, we found ourselves annually pacing the beach on holidays abroad discussing what new challenges lay ahead. Despite a busy professional life as London Metropolitan Police officers as well as being “hands-on” parents for all hours off-duty, we still felt there was more to life and new adventures to experience.

A move abroad, literally to expand all our horizons and the welcome promise of more sunshine, seemed to be the answer. So we then had the task of deciding where to go. For many reasons Spain came to the top of the list because of its world location, climate, school choice, language, scenery and coast line.

Our love of country life meant that a simple house in a straight forward street was never going to satisfy our sense of adventure. So, to make things even more challenging, we decided on a traditional, stone-built, mountain farmhouse that was badly in need of rescuing. Its lack of easy access and no utility services did not present defects in our eyes. All we could see was the total beauty of its unique surroundings which we found overwhelming and now want to share with you.

It was always the plan to turn this wonderful place into somewhere like-minded people could discover, explore and appreciate. So it is our greatest pleasure to offer you a warm welcome to “Finca Sierra Olta” now brought into the 21st century mostly thanks to satellite communications and other ‘mod-cons’.

So fulfil our dreams and yours, stay with us, feel special and enjoy the stunning surroundings. This place will inspire you to do whatever you want and we can make that happen.

Wendy and Craig McGuinnes with family and friends - Hot Air Balloon ride over the Alicante area 17th July 2007